5 May 2014

Lots has been going on, and I never seem to find time to update this thing!

Right now, I'm a little sad I am not on my way to re:publica 14, for which I was accepted as a speaker, but which I was told about a tad late. ): Too bad, but maybe next year, right?

Other than that, I organised Women Techmakers Vienna in March, coached at the second Austrian Rails Girls workshop, in Sankt Pölten, and got to know a bunch of neat people over the past few months, some of whom I think might become future collaborators.

I'm already looking forward to helping with a hacklab that is planned for my UAS, and for which I was asked to provide input, and I just became the first Austrian ambassador for Code Week EU 2014, which is great. Plans for a new edition of Rails Girls Vienna in early autumn are also currently being forged.


15 December 2013

Because people sometimes want to get me something (for things I have done or helped with, or just because), but I'm, apparently, an impossible giftee, I've decided to put up links to my Amazon wishlists & similar here.

I don't celebrate Christmas and most other gift-giving occasions, but I've always liked the idea of giving and receiving presents unexpectedly, during the year. I think it makes for a much better surprise and I also don't see the point in "saving up" presents for several months later when the person I'd like to get something for talked about wanting something only recently. I, personally, like receiving useful (to me) things much more than random gifts, and the fact that I'm living on a very tight budget these days (and will be for the next three years) makes me even more grateful for presents.

So here are the links in question:
Amazon.de wishlist
Amazon.co.uk wishlist

Gift certificates for Thinkgeek or Threadless are cool too.
You can use gifts.at.kerstinkollmann.dot.com to send them to.

Additionally, you can Flattr whatever I do on
Twitter, GitHub, Flickr, Youtube and Thingiverse as well as this website!

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8 December 2013

Enjoyed holding my workshops at EYA and got to meet and talk to a bunch of interesting people there. WIFI/mobile reception could have been better at the festival venue, but thankfully, I could get my mobile data stick to work, so was able to at least demo some of the things I had planned to do together with the workshop participants.

The second workshop (Code Literacy: getting rid of the "1337" in 1337 speak) attracted quite a few people more than I'd expected - thanks to everyone who attended and to all who gave such nice feedback afterwards!

I was asked for links to the videos parts of which I showed, so I'll just put them here:
What Most Schools Don't Teach, by Code.org
she++: The Documentary, by the University of Stanford
- enjoy!


24 November 2013

I'll be holding two programming-related workshops in Graz this upcoming weekend (29 & 30 November) as part of the European Youth Award (EYA) and #codeEU (check the page on Austria).

You can find more information on the sessions here and here, respectively. If you want to take part in one (or both) of the workshops, you're advised to register via e-mail as the number of participants is limited!

Already very much looking forward to the event! (:

Btw., if you are in Graz and want to "hang" on Sunday, let me know!



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